Pietro Nicoletti

Curriculum vitae

Pietro Nicoletti have been employed in Digital Equipment S.p.A.

since 1981 until 1994.

During the last 10 years in Digital he have been the project

leader of the most important Fault-Tolerant LANs realized by

Digital Networking Service in Italy.

The Fault-Tolerant LAN architecture developed by Pietro Nicoletti

for Pomigliano d’Arco Alfa Lancia factory plant became a project

reference for all LANs realized in the other Fiat factory plant in Italy

and East Europe.

The same Fault-Tolerant architecture has been applied in other big national factories.

In 1996 he founded Studio Reti s.a.s. company which is focused

on following project development and teaching

activities: cabling systems, LAN, MAN, WAN, Data Center Networking,

Network Traffic Monitoring services.

At end of 1995, he developed a new project for LAN Milano Stock

Exchange (Cedborsa) which implemented the most sophisticated

Fault-Tolerant techniques for that time. The above mentioned

LAN has been released with success the 21 April 1997.

Pietro Nicoletti is author with Silvano Gai and Pierluca Montessoro

of the book “Dal cablaggio all’internetworking” (published by Scuola

Superiore Guglielmo Reiss Romoli ISBN 88 85280 22 6), that means

“From cabling to internetworking”, of which have been sold over

10.000 copies in the first 4 years.

Pietro Nicoletti is author with Mario Baldi of the following books:

- "Internetworking" (published by McGraw-Hill Libri Italia ISBN 88 386 0780-X).

- "Switched LAN" (published by McGraw-Hill Libri Italia ISBN 88-386-3426-2).

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